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Unemployment Propaganda tries to “justify” High Unemployment

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In totalitarian regimes, the propaganda-machine (i.e. the media) is a vital tool in pacifying the population – since the populations of such societies are denied the “release valve” of ridding themselves of an unpopular government through elections.

I have pointed out in a number of commentaries that the United States “two-party democracy” has, in fact become a two-party dictatorship. There is plenty of evidence to support such a conclusion. To begin with, rampant “gerrymandering” (by both parties) has created a majority of political districts which are essentially fiefdoms – where one party or the other has a permanent grip on power, irrespective of whom they run as a candidate. Thus, in most U.S. electoral districts, “elections” are nothing but a pointless charade.

More recently, there was clear collusion between the two parties in hiding the severity of the Bush budget-deficits from the American people. The Bush regime literally only reported half of the increase in the national debt with its (supposed) “official deficits” – and never once in eight years did the “opposition party” (the Democrats) report these lies to the American people (see “Obama continues peddling fantasy deficit numbers”).

Further reinforcing this conclusion, when the Obama regime took power, they retained more personnel from the Bush regime than any other U.S. government in recent memory – despite the massive unpopularity of the Bush government, and the woeful incompetence of virtually all branches of that government. Despite his mantra of “change, change, change”, virtually all of the “changes” promised by Obama have been watered-down, or scrapped completely.

The only significant policy currently being pursued by his government which would not have occurred under a Republican government is the much-hyped Obama health-care “reform”. Even if some legislation eventually makes it through Congress, the convoluted mixture of private insurance and government-sponsored coverage is hardly the “socialist” system decried by Republican fear-mongers. Instead it is a watered-down bureaucratic morass, whose only redeeming quality is that it will reduce the number of U.S. residents without medical coverage.

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