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Ultra High Relief Double Eagles- Not Shipping FIFO?

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There have been more reports of customers receiving their 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Coins. However, the collectors receiving coins are not necessarily the ones who placed their orders the earliest.

According to the US Mint’s email notification sent out earlier this week, orders should be shipping on a “first-come, first-served basis.” This means that customers who ordered their coins first, should be receiving their coins first. (i.e. “First in-First out” or FIFO)

Based on reports from Mint News Blog readers, and comments on other coin sites and forums, this is clearly not happening. Some customers who ordered on the second or third day are reporting that they have received their coins. Other customers who ordered within the first hour still have not received their coins. I placed my order at 12:17 PM ET on the first day of sales and have still not received my coin or any notification of shipping.

In an attempt to quantify what is happening. Please take a moment to answer a survey. The survey asks what date you ordered the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle, whether you have received it, and if you have, the date you received it. Results are tracked separately based on order date. You can respond to the survey more than once if you have ordered more than one coin. All responses are kept anonymous. Results will be posted on Mint News Blog next week. Please ask anyone else you know who ordered the UHR to complete the survey.

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Some US Mint customers are justifiably upset with their experience ordering the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle. Problems have plagued nearly every aspect of the offering. This included initial difficulties obtaining sufficient blanks to manufacture coins, a series of miscommunications to customers on shipping dates, website security issues, shipping security issues, production problems with the companion book, and the latest non-FIFO shipping.

The US Mint began building enthusiasm for the Ultra High Relief Double Eagle as early as March 2008 calling it the recreation of the “nation’s most beautiful coin.” Later, US Mint Director Edmund Moy made even loftier statements about the coin. He said “One hundred years from now, I hope that people will reflect on this coin and say this was the beginning of the next renaissance of American coinage.” He has even called it “arguably one of the best coins ever made in the world throughout all of history.”

When you make claims of this nature, make sure you are able to deliver.

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