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U.S. Neo-Cons Seek To Rewrite Iraq History (Again)

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By Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada

What is the one thing more reprehensible than the saturation-lies which emanate from the mainstream media, our servile governments, and (of course) our banker overlords on a daily basis? The (bogus) Revisionism which follows it, which seeks to explain, excuse, or simply erase those preceding lies.

Within this general category of Revisionism; one sub-category stands out as an especially despicable form: the war-Revisionism which is an endemic component of the One Bank’s propaganda campaign. Clearly the only thing which could possibly be more-evil than war itself is to attempt to “excuse”, “explain”, or simply erase the worst episodes of history.

This is especially true given that those entities with the strongest motive to engage in such vile Revisionism are the entities originally responsible for either perpetrating or provoking those wars. As such, it was the ultimate in repugnance this week when Bloomberg trotted-out the Bush Neo-Cons, architects of the Iraq War – and then allowed these career-liars to blame the (corrupt) regime which succeeded them for the mess they created.

Here history (real history) is unequivocal. It was these neo-cons who were solely responsible for creating all of the conditions which supposedly justified their invasion of Iraq. It was the neo-cons who fraudulently fabricated the pretext for invading Iraq. It was the neo-cons who brutally and incompetently bungled every aspect of the subsequent invasion/occupation, from a tactical and strategic standpoint. And it was the neo-cons who made their own “deal with the Devil”, in order to whitewash a thin veneer of “victory” over their humiliating defeat.

While George Bush Jr. is the Cowboy Bully who loved to take credit for “taking-down Saddam Hussein”; it was Junior’s daddy, George Bush Sr. (and the neo-cons of his era) who created Saddam Hussein. Imposing Hussein upon the people of Iraq as their “strong-man” (puppet) was supposedly the antidote to the “radical” government in Iran.

His role was at least to militarily preoccupy – if not engage – Iran, and to that end, Western neo-cons supplied Hussein’s puppet-regime with any-and-every piece of nasty military technology in their own arsenal (with the exception of nuclear weapons). Indeed; it was only because it was the neo-cons themselves who had originally supplied Saddam Hussein with all of his “weapons of mass destruction” that the Rest of the World took them seriously when they lied about what he supposedly still retained.

Backtracking even further; what made the government of Iran “radical”? After the U.S. overthrew the democratic government of that nation, and planted the brutal/corrupt “Shah” on the throne of Iran (as another of its Oil Puppets); Iranians not only had the audacity to remove that Thug from power, but they have resisted the endless/subsequent efforts (by the U.S.) to install a new Puppet-Thug in his place.

When Hussein, himself, decided to cease playing the role of Oil Puppet for the U.S.; it became the new obsession of the neo-cons to remove him from power, and install a more dutiful (and grateful) Puppet in his place. They fabricated a pretext for war, and then perpetrated an invasion which was tactically/strategically incompetent – even by the standards of the same military (and same neo-cons) which previously brought the world “Vietnam”.

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