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Time To Banish Incompetent Conservatives

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By Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada

While I can only speak for myself, I am completely fed up with the endless series of blunders, scandals, and flip-flops which has characterized Stephen Harper’s “reign of error” as Canada’s Prime Minister.

Though many Canadians have seemingly already forgotten, the erratic government provided by these vacuous ideologues began almost immediately after Harper took office: with his flip-flop on the tax treatment of Canadian “income trusts”. After Harper solemnly promised that he would “never change the taxation” of this corporate structure, the first thing the Harper government did upon gaining office was to break that solemn promise. Of course “breaking promises” is nothing new for Stephen Harper.

When Harper was duping Canadians into voting for him in the last election, he promised Canadians there would be “no budget deficits” under his government. Four months later he was telling Canadians that our economy would be suffering its largest deficits in history – with the Harper government actually managing to shatter the deficit-records of Canada’s second-most incompetent government: the Conservative regime under the despicable Brian Mulroney.

This is a remarkable achievement. During the greatest commodities boom in the history of the world, Canada (one of the largest commodity-producers on the planet) is experiencing its largest deficits in history – totally undoing a full decade of debt-reduction under the previous Liberal government.

Now, while most of the rest of the world steams ahead with economic recoveries (real ones), and with commodity prices breaking records on a near-daily basis, Harper’s Conservatives have have (incredibly) managed to cause Canada’s economy to shrink. What is the “secret” of Stephen Harper’s incredible ineptitude in managing Canada’s economy?

It’s simple. Stephen Harper, the self-described “economist” has bet Canada’s entire economic future on a “U.S. economic recovery”. Given that there has been no , there will not be a, and there cannot be any (for reasons I have detailed in numerous commentaries), Harper has committed Canada’s economy to nothing less than economic suicide.

Despite the obvious empirical evidence of a dying U.S. economy, where full freight trucks stream northward through the Canada/U.S. border – while ; Harper-the-economist sits and waits for a U.S. economic recovery. The largest economic boom in global history is taking place in “BRIC” nations and other developing economies – and Canada is missing out on this, because Harper’s economic tunnel-vision doesn’t allow him to see anything other than the anemic U.S. market.

Indeed, Harper’s obsession with the U.S. (and all things “American”) goes well beyond mere economics. As many know, Harper spent two years secretly negotiating a “North American Union” (and the end of Canada) without even consulting with the Canadian people – let alone obtaining our approval to negotiate-away our sovereignty. Fortunately the deal collapsed, presumably because Mexico wasn’t ready to throw away its independence as readily as Stephen Harper.

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