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Supply, Demand & the USDollar

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By Jim Willie CB, Golden Jackass Subscribe: Hat Trick Letter The economic theory in textbooks must be updated to account for Fiat Soft Science. An important third factor determines price. It is not demand, as most Deflationist Knuckleheads claim. It is not supply, as the moronic followers of Laffer Curve advocates insist. Instead, it is the falling [...]

US Dollar To Fade As Gold Heads Higher

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By Sam Kirtley, One of the key technical signals we were looking for in anticipation of a new major rally in gold was a close above the 50 day moving average. Well last week gold delivered that signal, twice. Whilst we still need to see a close above $1220 to confirm this move, we [...]

Gold Continues Decline for Day Five, Stocks Tumble

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Gold ended slightly lower Wednesday, marking the fifth consecutive day the yellow metal has declined. Again cited as the catalyst for the loses was a rallying US dollar. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which plunged 2.6 percent. US stocks followed along, with the three major indexes tumbling between 1.2 percent and [...]

Gold Drops for Fourth Day, Silver Plunges, Stocks Mixed

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New York gold futures ended lower Tuesday for the fourth straight day as the US dollar advanced on news of a decline in consumer confidence. Silver was hit exceptionally hard for the second straight day, falling more than 3 percent. Platinum declined as well. In other markets, crude oil finished 1 percent higher and US [...]

US Dollar: Long-Term Decline, Short-Term Rally

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Bullion Vault A short-term view of gold, the Dollar and energy markets… The US DOLLAR isn’t going straight down in a line, according to Steve Palmer, president and CEO of AlphaNorth Asset Management.Forming an investment team in 1998 with Joey Javier, they took three key assets – their excellent track record, experience and belief that exploiting [...]

Bullion & Business Weekend Report – Oct. 24

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Precious metals enjoyed modest gains on the week as the US dollar was the predominating driver of where prices went. A weaker greenback on Friday combined with lower crude oil prices helped gold slide slightly from earlier week highs. Oil did jump nearly 3.5 percent this week while gasoline prices at the pump were almost [...]

Gold, Silver, Metal Prices: Commentary (10/23/2009)

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A Turkey for Turkey, The UK Lays an Economic Egg, and Russia Sells…Gold?! Good Day, Gold prices continued to remain ‘in the zone’ (the $1040-$1070 zone, that is) overnight, with little in the way of fresh market-impactful news making their way into the media stream. The US dollar remained at or very near the 1.50 [...]

Gold, Commodities Decline; Stocks Rally

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Gold declined nearly $6 Thursday, breaking away from a four-day winning streak as the US dollar gained ground. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which retreated from a one-year high. US stocks rallied on positive news from several corporate earnings reports. New York precious metals figures follow: Silver for December delivery fell [...]

Investing in Gold Now

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After gold prices crossed above the psychological level of $1000, the target price for gold became a very popular topic on the markets. Jim Rogers predicts gold prices to go even to $2000. Some of latest analysis from Adam Hewison about gold: In the first video Adam provides some mid and long term analysis for [...]

Brand Disloyalty

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The Daily Reckoning The US dollar is a sort of monetary brand. And like any other brand, it can fall out of favor. Even iconic brands can rapidly lose their “must-have” caché. Sometimes, a brand can disappear entirely, as did Pan American Airways or “Members Only” jackets. But there is always something else waiting to [...]

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