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Gold Bullion Value

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Gold bullion value is the most fundamental assessment of physical, investment-grade gold worth, and also a strong economic indicator for current market trends. Gold bullion value is only slightly more than the current gold spot price, which is the cost of one Troy ounce of pure gold, and this price historically tends to rise during [...]

Demand for diamond jewellery from China and India remain strong – Rockwell

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JSE- and TSX-listed diamond producer Rockwell Diamonds on Tuesday said that it was “cautiously optimistic” about the diamond market and the price trends. Rockwell CEO John Bristow said that it was encouraging that the sentiment towards diamonds had improved. Read more….

Gold Is Just Getting Going

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Melinda Peer10.06.09, 05:30 PM EDT Gold set a new record, and analysts expect it to set a few more as the dollar falters. Gold hit fresh highs on Tuesday as it continued to take its cues from a weak U.S. dollar. The greenback tumbled as uncertainty over its global strength was triggered by a report [...]

7 Factors to Remember When Considering Gold ETFs

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Tom Lydon (ETF Trends) submits: Gold investors can’t seem to get enough of gold-related ETFs. But why are gold ETFs so appealing? Investors are able to easily invest in gold through the use of ETFs and more are doing as inflationary worries rise and the dollar depreciates, writes Ben Baden for U.S. News & World [...]

Red October

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The Daily Reckoning Uh oh…maybe it will be a Red October after all… Two important things happened yesterday, both of which cast a crimson light on things. First, the Dow dropped again; it has only gone up one of the last 7 days. It went down 203 points. Could be nothing. Could be something big…the [...]

Silver Prices Recover Slight Portion of Prior Week Losses

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Silver enjoyed weekly gains, albeit slight, following last week’s trouncing when the metal lost more than 5%, breaking a four-week winning streak and falling from 2009 highs. New York silver futures for December delivery closed Friday at $16.23 an ounce, rising 17 cents, or 1.1% for the week. London silver, which is set earlier on [...]

What Lies Ahead for Gold ETFs?

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Tom Lydon (ETF Trends) submits: Gold-related ETFs have gained a lot of investor interest since gold has topped $1,000 an ounce. But investors should be on guard when it comes to the price of the metal in coming months. Long-term outlook on precious metals typically focuses on the low correlation between gold and other asset [...]

Commodity Currencies Rebound Versus the Dollar

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The Daily Reckoning Well… Instead of a “turn around Tuesday”, we’re seeing a whiplash Wednesday! And for once the Big Dog (euro) (EUR) didn’t lead the other little dogs (currencies) off the porch to chase the dollar down the street! No… This time it was the currencies of Australia (AUD) and New Zealand (NZD) that [...]

De Beers cancels Snap Lake winter shutdown on rosier outlook

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Diamond giant De Beers has cancelled a planned four-week December shutdown at its Snap Lake underground mine, in Canada, because of improving market conditions, the company said on Tuesday. "This is a good news decision in response to some positive trends we are seeing in the market place," commented De Beers Canada CEO Jim Gowans. [...]

In Search of a One-Armed Economist

September 29, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

The Daily Reckoning How are we doing? Our Trade of the Decade, that is? Yesterday, gold took a big dip down – minus $15. It closed under the $1,000 level. Now we’ll find out if the Chinese are supporting it at $1,000…or not. If so, it should soon bounce back. If not…well, who knows? But [...]

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