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Rates now negative on inflation-protected and regular Treasuries

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GATA Investors Seek Safety of U.S. Treasuries By Michael Mackenzie Financial Times, London Thursday, January 19, 2012 Investors bought inflation-protected Treasury securities at a negative interest rate for the first time on Thursday, demonstrating the depth of concerns that Federal Reserve efforts to stimulate the economy could lead to higher inflation in the future. [...]

Malaysia assists China’s move to replace Treasuries with its own bonds

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Malaysian Bond Boost for Renminbi By Kevin Brown, Robert Cookson, and Geoff Dyer Financial Times, London Sunday, September 19, 2010 Malaysia’s central bank has bought renminbi-denominated bonds for its reserves, marking a significant advance for Beijing’s attempts to internationalise the use of its currency, pitched by Chinese policymakers as a long-term rival to the [...]

More Chinese economists urge easing out of Treasuries, adding gold

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China Should Cut U.S. Treasury Holdings: Economist By Langi Chiang and Alan Wheatley Reuters Sunday, July 18, 2010 BEIJING — China should cut its holdings of U.S. Treasury securities when market demand is strong, a prominent economist said in remarks published on Monday. Beijing reduced its Treasury holdings in May by $32.5 billion to [...]

Supply fears start to hit Treasuries

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By Michael Mackenzie and David Oakley, Financial Times, London The bond vigilantes are finally flexing their muscles. A long period of stability for the US government bond market showed signs of cracking this week as a lack of investor appetite for new debt sent the benchmark 10-year yield to its highest level since last June. For [...]

Big mystery buyer for Treasuries; are his initials B.B.?

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Treasury Bids Drive Speculation By Michael Mackenzie, Financial Times NEW YORK — Auctions of US Treasury notes this week have attracted extremely strong buying from domestic institutional investors, fuelling speculation that “one big bidder” has decided to defy the conventional wisdom on Wall Street that US government debt is due for a fall. The surprising demand [...]

Gold Rises to Record as Dollar’s Slump Spurs Investment Demand

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By Pham-Duy Nguyen and Nicholas Larkin Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — Gold futures rose to a record as the slumping dollar spurred demand for the precious metal as an alternative asset. The metal is on course for a ninth straight annual gain. This year, gold has gained 20 percent. Today, the price reached a record $1,069.70 [...]


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Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) — Central banks flush with record reserves are increasingly snubbing dollars in favor of euros and yen, further pressuring the greenback after its biggest two- quarter rout in almost two decades. Policy makers boosted foreign currency holdings by $413 billion last quarter, the most since at least 2003, to $7.3 trillion, according [...]

US Dollar in Need of a Tourniquet

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The Daily Reckoning OK, front and center this morning, gold has soared to another all-time high! When I turned on the screen this morning, gold was flashing a great big $1,055 figure… WOW! But wait! Gold – and silver for that matter – aren’t the only risk assets moving higher… All 16 of the countries [...]

Red October

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The Daily Reckoning Uh oh…maybe it will be a Red October after all… Two important things happened yesterday, both of which cast a crimson light on things. First, the Dow dropped again; it has only gone up one of the last 7 days. It went down 203 points. Could be nothing. Could be something big…the [...]

Inflation is Our Future

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The Daily Reckoning On one hand, the deflationists are claiming that given the extremely high debt levels in the West, further inflation is impossible. On the other side of the argument, many proponents of inflation are calling for Zimbabwe style hyperinflation. In this business, everyone is entitled to their opinion; however it is my contention [...]

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