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Austrian Mint’s Vienna Philharmonic 20 Ounce Gold Coin celebrates a 20 Year Success Story

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Twenty years ago in 1989 the Austrian State Mint passed from the Treasury into the ownership of the central bank. The mint was given the freedom to produce and sell products in accordance with the demands of the modern numismatic and investment markets. One of the very first innovations introduced by the new CEO, Paul [...]

US Mint Silver Coins Cool, Bullion Eagles Near 23M

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US Mint sales numbers are often mixed when it comes to silver related collector products — demand for coins in one hand rise while those in the other decline, metaphorically speaking. October has been different. Silver coins have trended up or down as a group without the mixing.   (…)Read the rest of US Mint [...]

WWF Silver Medal Set Issued by The Royal Mint

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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) was started nearly 50 years ago in Europe with a mission to conserve nature. Over the years, the organization has grown world-wide and now directs millions of dollars annually toward nature preservation. To help draw attention to the work of the WWF, The Royal Mint of the United [...]

Austrian Mint 2010 Coin Product Schedule

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The Austrian Mint has just released their product schedule (known to them as an Issuing Programme) for the year 2010. The coin schedule includes many coins that collectors should find nearly irresistible, given the spectacular designs the Mint has become known for from around world. Several of the new issues will be continuations of series [...]

Austrian Mint outlines gold coin plans

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The Austrian Mint has confirmed plans to launch two new gold coins in 2010. According to news site Silver Coins Today, next February will see the release of the latest addition to the Celebrated Physicians of Austria gold coin series. The news feeds on this site are independently provided by Adfero Limited © and do [...]

Finland Peace and Security Silver Coin

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Former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari had the distinction of striking the first "Peace and Security" silver coin from the Mint of Finland Ltd.   (…)Read the rest of Finland Peace and Security Silver Coin (304 words) © Darrin Lee Unser for Silver Coins Today, 2009. | Permalink | No [...]

Silver Prices Bounce Back in NY and London

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Silver prices returned with some luster following their declines last week when prices slumped below yearly highs. The metal enjoyed weekly gains of 2.0 percent in London and 1.7 percent in New York — both closing at their at their highest weekly levels this year. New York silver futures for December delivery finished Friday at [...]

Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin Act Passes Congress

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Legislation known as the Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin Act of 2009, H.R. 1209, has been approved by Congress and will move quickly — within weeks — for an expected signature from President Obama, which will make it law.   (…)Read the rest of Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin Act Passes Congress (379 words) © [...]

2009 BJ Intl Coin Expo Commemorative Silver Coin

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The 2009 Beijing International Coin Expo proof silver commemorative coin is issued on October 15, 2009 by the People’s Bank of China and minted by Shenzhen GuoBao Mint. It is 1oz in weight, 40mm in diameter, 10 Yuan in face value and 30000 in mintage. Read more….

Girl Scouts Commemorative Coin Act Cleared to Become Law

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Touted by itself as the preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls, the Girl Scouts of the USA is about to get a commemorative coin issued in its honor if Congress gets its way. The Girl Scouts USA Centennial Commemorative Coin Act authorizing the $1 silver coins was passed last week by the U.S. House of [...]

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