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A Recovery Year – But Now What?

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By David Chapman, GoldSeek Investors would be forgiven if, following the financial panic of 2008, they felt frozen and missed a lot of the recovery year that followed. But a strong recovery following a financial panic is not particularly unusual. When the monetary authorities go into panic mode, pump billions of dollars into the financial [...]

Ultimate Conditions for Recovery

November 6, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

By Jim Willie CB, Golden Jackass Subscribe: Hat Trick Letter With the steady stream of claims toward an economic recovery, one must do a reality check from time to time. The Gross Domestic Product for 3Q2009 reflected a solid temporary push from the absurdly inefficient and costly Clunker Car Program, and an inventory drawdown that finally [...]

Rio Tinto to double capex spending next year to at least $5bn

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The group said the decision was taken after seeing signs of economic recovery and a decrease in its debt levels Read more….

BHP may seek more JVs, warns on sluggish recovery

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Miner BHP Billiton is considering more joint ventures like its 50:50 iron-ore deal with Rio Tinto as it seeks to increase production while keeping costs under control. BHP’s stance as the world’s biggest mining company means takeovers would be rare since it is only seeking huge assets, CE Marius Kloppers told the group’s annual meeting [...]

BHP to look for more joint ventures as recovery is expected to be slow

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The group is looking to increase production while keeping costs low Read more….

Nyrstar sees Zinc recovery, on tracks with cuts

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Nyrstar, the world’s biggest zinc producer, said on Wednesday the zinc market was showing recovery signs driven by higher demand in the Chinese, European and US steel industry, and was on track to cut costs. Nyrstar said its zinc market metal production rose 6% in the third quarter to 207 000 tons from the previous [...]

ArcelorMittal reports Q3 profit

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Group says first signs of recovery were visible during the quarter but operating environment remains challenging Read more….

Gold mining boom ‘set to transform Perth’

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Major gold mining projects in Perth will help to boost the city’s fortunes over the next few decades, it has been suggested. According to the Telegraph, new gold projects – along with the effect of the growing Chinese economy, rising house prices and significant gas contracts – look set to place Perth on the road [...]

SA has to explore options to promote mining – Finance Minister

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South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordon on Tuesday called on government departments for sectoral and financial coordination, saying that the country had to explore options for promoting the development of the mining industry. The mining sector displayed the first signs of recovery in the country’s economy, which is its first recession since 1992, with production [...]

Recovery doubts, asset bubbles and hopes for a slower recovery

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Why a more gradual recovery would be better for everyone but could be boring for commodities Read more….

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