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Bunny-Slope Rally Soothes the Herd

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By Rick Ackerman, GoldSeek The broad averages are not so much climbing a wall of worry as ascending a bunny slope of indifference. The result has been a bear rally so tedious that tape-watchers risk death by apnea if they should fail to jiggle jangle their limbs at regular intervals. However, the rally has been [...]

Gold, Silver and US Stocks Rally

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Gold and other precious metals spiked Thursday, as did crude oil and US stocks following a report by the Commerce Department saying the economy expanded at a 3.5 percent annualized pace in the third quarter. Gold’s rise broke a losing streak that had extended to five days. The Dow and S&P enjoyed their best one-day [...]

Gold Continues Decline for Day Five, Stocks Tumble

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Gold ended slightly lower Wednesday, marking the fifth consecutive day the yellow metal has declined. Again cited as the catalyst for the loses was a rallying US dollar. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which plunged 2.6 percent. US stocks followed along, with the three major indexes tumbling between 1.2 percent and [...]

US Mint Bullion Gold Buffalo Coins Top 110K

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The United States Mint has sold 110,500 one-ounce American Buffalo $50 Gold Bullion Coins since they were released on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. To place that in perspective, in less than two weeks bullion dealers have purchased 64.2 percent of the total (172,000) that was sold in all of 2008. There appeared to a touch [...]

Commodities and Stocks: Ready to Bounce or Rally?

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Chris Vermeulen submits: Commodities and stocks almost look ready for a rally or at least a relief bounce. The market is down over 5% and the normal pullback this year has been 4%. Using technical analysis and inter-market analysis, we can see that the market is reaching extreme lows and this usually means we are [...]

Buy Gold Bullion

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When strictly short-term investors buy gold bullion, many of them prefer the affordability of bullion bars, because their utter simplicity warrants the lowest possible investment- grade gold price. Short-term investors generally purchase one- ounce, and/or ten-ounce bars, whose prices usually hover slightly above the current gold spot price, which is the cost of one Troy-ounce [...]

Timing in the gold market is key – Steve Palmer

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Steve Palmer, president and CEO of AlphaNorth Asset Management is expecting the U.S. dollar to rally in the short term and gold to sell off and is forecasting a bit of a pullback in the next month or so followed by another rally before year’s end. Interview with The Gold Report Read more….

Weekly Market Recap 10/23/09

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ScotiaMocatta, the precious metals division of the Bank of Nova Scotia, said on Thursday that gold prices could rise to a high of $1,400 an ounce in 2010 as investors turn to the metal as a store of wealth, as reported to Reuters. The unemployment rate has been increasing at an alarming rate, yet the [...]

Gold, Commodities Decline; Stocks Rally

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Gold declined nearly $6 Thursday, breaking away from a four-day winning streak as the US dollar gained ground. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which retreated from a one-year high. US stocks rallied on positive news from several corporate earnings reports. New York precious metals figures follow: Silver for December delivery fell [...]

Gold Bullion Prices

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Gold trading was very active this morning, starting with profit taking by bullion owners, followed by a surge in demand which moved the gold spot price from the $1058 level down to $1047, and back up again to hovering $1057 levels. Novice investors are advised to familiarize themselves with spot price fluctuations, because gold bullion [...]

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