Sunday, August 14, 2016

Unemployment Propaganda tries to “justify” High Unemployment

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In totalitarian regimes, the propaganda-machine (i.e. the media) is a vital tool in pacifying the population – since the populations of such societies are denied the “release valve” of ridding themselves of an unpopular government through elections. I have pointed out in a number of commentaries that the United States “two-party democracy” has, in fact [...]

Gold Bullion Investing

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In this day of political correctness, I’m not so sure that what I’ve been seeing and reading about economic recovery is news, or dare I say propaganda. It’s certainly understandable to try and quell fear and maintain order, otherwise panic ensues, and order is lost. Investors who have learned to read between the lines, are [...]

Moriarty: Propaganda, False Profits and Some "Surprises to the Upside"

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Bullion Vault founder Bob Moriarty never fails to get a rise out of The Gold Report readers, simultaneously raising hackles and awareness. In this interview, his fifth with us since last November, he rails against continuing business, media and government shenanigans. He prophesizes bankruptcy, riots and revolution. But he also sees a bit of [...]