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By Howard S. Katz, THE GOLD SPECULATOR The time has come. Look to the skies. The price of gold is on the rise. In bullish years, on Labor Day The price of gold becomes in play. And yes, when all is said and done, The loser is Al Abelson. He sold his gold in late [...]

Mike Kosares: The true inflation-adjusted price of gold

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2:20p ET Saturday, June 19, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: It has been far too long since we’ve heard from Michael J. Kosares, proprietor of Centennial Precious Metals in Denver and host of its Internet site, but having recharged his batteries he has begun posting an occasional newsletter, “USAGold News, Commentary, and [...]


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By Howard S. Katz, The Gold Speculator Oh, traders smart put out the buys. The price of gold is on the rise. The price of stocks is very grey. They sell in May and go away. So gold bugs have a smiley face. It rises at a rapid pace. But stock bugs have a face [...]


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By Howard S. Katz, The Gold Speculator A discourse on the price of gold. The price is ready to explode. The signal came 4-30-10. To tell you news, I take my pen. Here we see the daily basis chart of gold for the past 6 months.  This shows a head and shoulders bottom, one of [...]

What’s next for the soaring price of gold?

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By Alexandra Goss, The Times, London Gold has glittered particularly brightly this year, soaring to a record high of $1,226 an ounce at the beginning of this month. Despite dropping back since then and finishing the week at $1,110, the gold price has been one of the star performers of the decade, having risen more than [...]

Ganesha and the Price of Gold

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By Ron Hera, GoldSeek The fact that investors around the world are turning to gold is remarkable.  Unlike a bond, stored gold offers no yield and, unlike a stock, gold provides no leverage to the performance of an enterprise.  Buying gold is not an investment per se, compared, for example, to buying a gold mining stock, where [...]

28.8 Cents Prevents US Mint Gold Coin Price Reductions

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The price of gold has been on a five-day price slide, but ironically the timing of the decline was slightly off in helping collectors pay less for US Mint gold collector coins. The US Mint uses a London Fix weekly gold average to determine whether to keep gold coin prices the same, or adjust them [...]

Some Ironic Possibilities for the British Pound

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Clive Corcoran submits: The following are some musings on the U.K. economy, prompted by an adage that seems quite appropriate for our times of thinking the unthinkable. The U.K. public finances are in dire straits with a likely deficit this year well in excess of £200 billion and with red ink as far as the [...]

Gold American Eagle Bullion

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Many short-term investors prefer the liquidity of gold American Eagle bullion, since our government backs these modern coins for weight, and precious metal content. These 22-karat coins contain a full Troy ounce of pure gold, and their obverse design is among the most exquisite in existence. The obverse design on gold American Eagle bullion coins [...]

Gold’s New Ally

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The Daily Reckoning If you’ve invested in gold, you’re about to gain a powerful ally: pension funds. “I think the largest institutions like our own are realizing that we barely own any [gold]” Shayne McGuire, head of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas said in an interview in Hong Kong very early this morning. “The [...]

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