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Austrian Mint’s Vienna Philharmonic 20 Ounce Gold Coin celebrates a 20 Year Success Story

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Twenty years ago in 1989 the Austrian State Mint passed from the Treasury into the ownership of the central bank. The mint was given the freedom to produce and sell products in accordance with the demands of the modern numismatic and investment markets. One of the very first innovations introduced by the new CEO, Paul [...]

Barrick still mulling over Cerro Casale numbers

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Canadian gold-miners Barrick Gold and Kinross Gold have completed a draft feasibility study on their Cerro Casale project, in Chile, but there is still some work to be done to improve the economics of the project, Barrick CEO Aaron Regent said on Thursday. “We intend to spend the next few months reviewing various options to [...]

US Mint Silver Coins Cool, Bullion Eagles Near 23M

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US Mint sales numbers are often mixed when it comes to silver related collector products — demand for coins in one hand rise while those in the other decline, metaphorically speaking. October has been different. Silver coins have trended up or down as a group without the mixing.   (…)Read the rest of US Mint [...]

US Mint Bullion Gold Buffalo Coins Top 110K

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The United States Mint has sold 110,500 one-ounce American Buffalo $50 Gold Bullion Coins since they were released on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. To place that in perspective, in less than two weeks bullion dealers have purchased 64.2 percent of the total (172,000) that was sold in all of 2008. There appeared to a touch [...]

Lithium outlook bright with auto electrification

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emand for lithium should ramp up over the next decade to produce the lithium-ion batteries needed to power the next generation of electric and electric hybrid vehicles. "I think that the future of transportation and energy is in electrification and smart grids. For electrification to really take place, you need a number of drivers, and [...]

Silver Prices Bounce Back in NY and London

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Silver prices returned with some luster following their declines last week when prices slumped below yearly highs. The metal enjoyed weekly gains of 2.0 percent in London and 1.7 percent in New York — both closing at their at their highest weekly levels this year. New York silver futures for December delivery finished Friday at [...]

Boliden shares jump on better-than-expected profit numbers

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The group benefitted from strong global base metals prices. Read more….


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October 23, 2009Bank closings for the year have surpassed 100 as regulators shut down small banks in Florida and Georgia.The FDIC took over Partners Bank in Naples, Fla. American United Bank in Lawrenceville, Ga., also failed. They boosted to 101 the number of bank failures so far this year. Read more….

CoinWeek October 5-11, 2009

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What’s New on CoinLink …….. Doug Winter asked the questions that everyone seems to have on their minds…Where Have All the Nice Coins Gone? An interesting topic that we are going to continue to explore in future articles. What People are saying about Gold. Is it the right time to buy? Five articles from todays [...]

2009 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin to be Released by U.S. Mint on October 29th

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The United States Mint announced today that it will begin accepting orders for the one-ounce 2009 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin at noon Eastern Time (ET) on October 29, 2009. Its price will be based on the United States Mint’s pricing structure for numismatic products containing precious metals. To view current pricing information, visit [...]

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