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Ben Davies: IMF fails, gold shines as currency wars to continue

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7p ET Sunday, October 10, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: In commentary written exclusively tonight for King World News, Hinde Capital CEO Ben Davies reflects on the haplessness of this weekend’s meeting of world finance ministers at the International Monetary Fund in Washington. His commentary is headlined “IMF Fails, Gold Shines as Currency [...]

IMF sells 16.85 tons, Russia buys 16.2 tons in July

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By Claudia Carpenter Bloomberg News via Bloomberg Business Week Wednesday, September 1, 2010… LONDON — The International Monetary Fund’s gold reserves fell by 16.85 metric tons in July as Russia added 16.2 tons to its holdings, according to figures from the Washington-based lender. Reserves of gold at the IMF were 2,917.07 tons at the [...]

Business Insider notes IMF’s refusal to answer about its gold

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10:35a ET Monday, April 12, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Business Insider’s Vince Veneziani continues to follow up on the refusal of the International Monetary Fund to sell gold to Sprott Asset Management, this time interviewing your secretary/treasurer about the IMF’s refusal to answer some simple but specific questions about the gold it [...]

The Announcement of the I.M.F. Sale of 191.3 Tonnes of Gold – What Does It Really Mean?

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By Julian D. W. Phillips, GoldSeek When India announced its purchase of 200 tonnes, it added a statement that it may buy more of the I.M.F. gold.   This implied that it was limited by the I.M.F to 200 tonnes.   But the I.M.F. never said that.   Rather it said it would announce the sale of any other portion [...]

India may buy still more gold from IMF

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By Abhrajit Gangopadhyay and Elisabeth Berhmann, The Wall Street Journal NEW DELHI — India’s central bank bought 200 metric tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund last month, in the first major move by a leading central bank to diversify its foreign-exchange reserves. Analysts said the move is potentially bullish for gold, but it is [...]

IMF Sells 200 Tons of Gold to India for $6.7 Billion

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The Prudent Investor submits: The gold bull market becomes more interesting with every day. Based on disastrous economic fundamentals, it now seems to be able to withstand hits of any size. In a surprising move the IMF announced on Tuesday that it had sold 200 metric tons of gold to India in the last two [...]

Some Ironic Possibilities for the British Pound

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Clive Corcoran submits: The following are some musings on the U.K. economy, prompted by an adage that seems quite appropriate for our times of thinking the unthinkable. The U.K. public finances are in dire straits with a likely deficit this year well in excess of £200 billion and with red ink as far as the [...]

US Hyperinflation?

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The Daily Reckoning The finance ministers of the Eurozone met yesterday and they’ve tried to stem the euro’s (EUR) rise… But they’ll need more than words to get the job done! And so we begin a new day… Front and center this morning, the currencies – which had given background overnight to the dollar – [...]

Gold at $2,000 Becomes Inflation-Adjusted Bullseye for ‘80 High

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By Pham-Duy Nguyen Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) — Gold’s rally to a record means prices are still 53 percent below the 1980 inflation-adjusted peak. While gold rose 19 percent this year to $1,072 an ounce on Oct. 14, consumer prices almost tripled in the past three decades, eroding the metal’s value. Bullion hasn’t kept pace with [...]

So where’s Yamashita’s silver?

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1p ET Sunday, October 18, 2009 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): In reply to Thunder Road Report editor Paul Mylchreest’s new study of the gold market (, which concluded that the market is either terribly short real metal or is laundering fantastic amounts of improperly obtained gold, perhaps the fabled “Yamashita’s gold” [...]

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