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Chinese Catch the Gold Bug

May 20, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Patrick Chovanec submits: In a previous post, I mentioned a CCTV News report that China is seeing a recent surge of gold buying, as local investors nervous over a possible property bubble look for an alternative place to stash their cash. Here are the links to that report, both in text and video form. You [...]

Trace Mayer: Gold bug bit the Tudor

November 2, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

By TRACE MAYER, RunToGold Edgar Allen Poe’s most widely circulated story was ‘The Gold Bug‘ where William Legrand appears to go insane after being bitten by a bug he thinks is pure gold and embarks on a search for mythical treasure.  Paul T. Jones II of Tudor Investment Corporation has approximately $11.57B under management and has earned [...]

Apocalypse postponed – gold bugs please note!

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A refreshing look at gold and the latest happenings in the financial marketplace in the U.S. from Sara Patterson, regular commentator on where this article has already appeared. Read more….

Brand Disloyalty

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The Daily Reckoning The US dollar is a sort of monetary brand. And like any other brand, it can fall out of favor. Even iconic brands can rapidly lose their “must-have” caché. Sometimes, a brand can disappear entirely, as did Pan American Airways or “Members Only” jackets. But there is always something else waiting to [...]

Gold Soars to an All-Time High

October 8, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

The Daily Reckoning What a day for gold, yesterday! WOW! In case you were trapped in a cave and didn’t hear the news… Gold, which I said yesterday morning looked like it was going to take out its all-time high, did take out its all-time high, and not just take it out! Gold pushed past [...]

Expecting Gold to Sell Off – Temporarily – in October

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Mark Brown submits: Gold traders and investors have been waiting for a clean break above gold’s nominal all-time high, recorded back in March 2008, but the process has been anything but sure and swift. Having risen approximately 300% since the start of its bull run in 2001, gold has far outpaced the investment gains in [...]

Why Gold, If Deflation Is the Threat?

October 2, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Rolfe Winkler, CFA submits: Alice Schroeder wrote a great column for Bloomberg yesterday that I’m just getting to. The best stuff comes at the end, where she describes why some people are buying gold even though inflation doesn’t seem to be a big risk. (Apologies in advance for block-quoting lots of stuff in this post, [...]

Inflation is Our Future

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The Daily Reckoning On one hand, the deflationists are claiming that given the extremely high debt levels in the West, further inflation is impossible. On the other side of the argument, many proponents of inflation are calling for Zimbabwe style hyperinflation. In this business, everyone is entitled to their opinion; however it is my contention [...]

Thank the Fed For Your Lack of Purchasing Power

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By The Mogambo Guru In case you were wondering, there is no way to stop spending a debt-based currency once you start, which handily explains why Doug Noland, in his Credit Bubble Bulletin, asks “what about an exit strategy? Well, I see a ‘No Exit’ sign. These distortions have been going on for too many [...]

Alas Poor Gold Bug

July 20, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

By Howard S. Katz, GoldSeek Alas, poor gold bug. Things are better than a week ago. Monday’s gap is explosive. But here you sit, with gold about to break above $1000 and make you rich. Yet you are torn with fear and doubt. When you look back at this period, you will think, “Why was [...]

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