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Why the Euro Is Falling

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Bullion Vault Why the single currency is doomed… On APRIL 22nd, the Eurostat data agency released figures on European Union member states’ government deficits and debt for 2006-2009, write Kevin Brekke and David Galland of The Casey Report. The European Commission requires member states to report certain data every April. This year, the timing of [...]

Gold and the End of the Euro

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Bullion Vault What happens to Gold if the Euro collapses…? LET US START OFF by saying that we do not see the Euro collapsing and being shelved, at least not yet, anyway, writes Julian Phillips at No exit process was written into their rules anyway. But it is technically possible, and it’s better to [...]


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By Howard S. Katz, The Gold Speculator Many a weekend since the beginning of the year has been occupied by a “crisis” in the euro.  But this weekend’s “crisis” seems to be the mother of them all.  As such, it will probably put an end to them, and the gold market will pull out of [...]

Gold-Euro Link Turns Negative as Chinese Savers – World’s No.2 Buyers – Hit by Sub-Zero Interest Rates

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By Adrian Ash, GoldSeek London Gold Market Report THE PRICE OF WHOLESALE gold bullion ticked higher early Thursday for Dollar investors, but slipped further for Sterling and Euro buyers as world stock markets again held flat together with commodities. Government bonds fell, pushing the yield offered by 10-year UK gilts up to a 2-week high of 4.14%. Ten-year US Treasuries [...]

Much Ado About the Euro

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By Howard S. Katz, GoldSeek Part of the explanation for the Dec.-Jan. decline in gold is the attack on the euro which is now going on in the media.  Indeed, the euro topped out very close to the exact day of the top in gold.  The market is thinking: decline in euro = rise in dollar = [...]

1931 for the Euro, Part II

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By Adrian Ash, GoldSeek It wasn’t called the “irrevocable exchange rate” for nothing… PRICING YOUR money in gold – in a world where everyone else does the same, and at fixed exchange rates, too – makes for a big problem if the welfare state begins gobbling up more wealth, year after year, than it earns [...]

Liam Halligan: Greek crisis is beginning of the end for the euro

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By Liam Halligan, The Telegraph, London Could the endgame of this Greek tragedy be a eurozone breakup? The single currency’s supporters maintain that such an outcome is mere mythology. Greece accounts for only 3 percent of the 16 member states’ combined GDP, they say, and has lower debts than some of the banks bailed-out during sub-prime. [...]

Euro Trashed?

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By John Browne, GoldSeek The European experiment with a trans-sovereign currency is facing its first acid test. The flashpoint today is Greece, which looks set to default on its debt barring some outside intervention. While many commentators have been squawking about the immediate crisis as if it were the end of life on Earth, I [...]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave euro itself?

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By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph Germany faces a terrible dilemma. Either Europe’s paymaster agrees to underwrite a Greek bailout and drops its vehement opposition to a de facto EU economic government, treasury, and debt union, or the euro will start to unravel, and with it Germany’s strategic investment in the post-war order. The spike in yields [...]

Secret Plan to Defend the Euro against the Falling Dollar

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By Peter Cooper, GoldSeek The European Central Bank has a secret plan to defend the euro against a falling dollar. And it is no secret that the falling dollar is a danger to the euro-zone recovery and exports. Indeed, the ECB would be in clear breach of its treaty obligations if it did not possess [...]

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