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Are Your Ready for the Big One?

August 19, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

By Rick Ackerman, Rick’s Picks The Dow looks to be in the throes of a 420-point plunge, even if sellers were unable to deliver the haymaker yesterday that would have put bulls down for the count. At the final bell, the drop amounted to only 144 points, although it would have been closer to 200 [...]

Forecast Leaves 232 Dow Points to Go

July 26, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

By Rick Ackerman, Rick’s Picks Stocks on Monday achieved a bit less than a third of the gains we had unenthusiastically projected for the week, with the Dow Industrials settling exactly 100 points above Friday’s close. We say we were unenthusiastic in forecasting a 350-point rally because share buyers themselves have shown little enthusiasm for the [...]

Gold, Silver and US Stocks Rally

October 30, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Gold and other precious metals spiked Thursday, as did crude oil and US stocks following a report by the Commerce Department saying the economy expanded at a 3.5 percent annualized pace in the third quarter. Gold’s rise broke a losing streak that had extended to five days. The Dow and S&P enjoyed their best one-day [...]

2009 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin Launches with Little Issues

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Today at noon ET the United States Mint began selling the 2009 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin for $1,360.00, as it announced on Oct. 22. The one-ounce .9999 fine (24 karat) gold coin is expected to draw significant attention. The US Mint handled early demand in improved fashion compared to the collector blitz and resulting [...]

Debt paydown still top priority for Teck

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Vancouver-based Teck Cominco may find itself sitting a lot more comfortably than was the case six months or so, but CEO Don Lindsay made it clear on Thursday that he won’t be happy until the company’s term loan is paid down and it once again merits investment-grade ratings. One year ago, Teck borrowed $9,8-billion to [...]

Norseman gold output down in Sept quarter but guidance confirmed

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Accelerated development led to a below forecast gold output from Norseman in the September quarter but overall production guidance for year maintained. Read more….

US Mint Silver Coins Cool, Bullion Eagles Near 23M

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US Mint sales numbers are often mixed when it comes to silver related collector products — demand for coins in one hand rise while those in the other decline, metaphorically speaking. October has been different. Silver coins have trended up or down as a group without the mixing.   (…)Read the rest of US Mint [...]

28.8 Cents Prevents US Mint Gold Coin Price Reductions

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The price of gold has been on a five-day price slide, but ironically the timing of the decline was slightly off in helping collectors pay less for US Mint gold collector coins. The US Mint uses a London Fix weekly gold average to determine whether to keep gold coin prices the same, or adjust them [...]

Gold Continues Decline for Day Five, Stocks Tumble

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Gold ended slightly lower Wednesday, marking the fifth consecutive day the yellow metal has declined. Again cited as the catalyst for the loses was a rallying US dollar. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which plunged 2.6 percent. US stocks followed along, with the three major indexes tumbling between 1.2 percent and [...]

Commodities and Stocks: Ready to Bounce or Rally?

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Chris Vermeulen submits: Commodities and stocks almost look ready for a rally or at least a relief bounce. The market is down over 5% and the normal pullback this year has been 4%. Using technical analysis and inter-market analysis, we can see that the market is reaching extreme lows and this usually means we are [...]

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