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Utah could lead country toward competitive internal currencies

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GATA Rethinking Utah’s Monetary Policy By Larry Hilton and Rich Danker Deseret News, Salt Lake City Friday, July 1, 2011… Troubling trends currently hamper America’s prosperity. Many now recognize that one of the greatest threats lies in the precarious condition of today’s U.S. dollar. Sadly, the mounting waves of currency debasement have become the [...]

Confidence in currencies collapsing, Turk tells King World News

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GATA 11:30a ET Monday, June 20, 2011 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): Confidence in government currencies is starting to collapse, GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk tells King World News today, as the euro is transformed from a currency into a mere mechanism of political bailouts. Turk, who will speak at [...]

Some Ironic Possibilities for the British Pound

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Clive Corcoran submits: The following are some musings on the U.K. economy, prompted by an adage that seems quite appropriate for our times of thinking the unthinkable. The U.K. public finances are in dire straits with a likely deficit this year well in excess of £200 billion and with red ink as far as the [...]

Gold to Rise to $2,000 Amid ‘Massive’ Inflation, Superfund Says

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By Kim Kyoungwha Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) — Gold may rise to a record $2,000 an ounce in the next three years as investors hedge against “massive” inflation sparked by governments printing money, according to Superfund Financial Singapore Pte’s Aaron Smith. “In the next few years, after the deflation cycle, we’ll see massive inflation,” Managing Director [...]

Gold steadies around $1 040, ETF dips second day in row

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Gold prices steadied around $1 040 an ounce on Wednesday, recovering from three-week lows hit the day before when the dollar strengthened against the euro. The dollar held gains against a basket of currencies on Wednesday while the yen rose, as investors trimmed positions in higher-yielding currencies as stocks fell on weaker-than-expected US consumer confidence [...]

Gold’s New Ally

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The Daily Reckoning If you’ve invested in gold, you’re about to gain a powerful ally: pension funds. “I think the largest institutions like our own are realizing that we barely own any [gold]” Shayne McGuire, head of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas said in an interview in Hong Kong very early this morning. “The [...]

Weekly Market Recap 10/23/09

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ScotiaMocatta, the precious metals division of the Bank of Nova Scotia, said on Thursday that gold prices could rise to a high of $1,400 an ounce in 2010 as investors turn to the metal as a store of wealth, as reported to Reuters. The unemployment rate has been increasing at an alarming rate, yet the [...]

The Dollar as a Reserve Currency

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Bob Mcteer submits: Much hand-wringing is taking place over the reduction or possible loss of the dollar’s reserve currency status. That’s a bit ironic since the whole concept of a reserve currency is no longer valid in a system of floating exchange rates. Under the dollar-exchange system established at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire after World [...]

The Golden Road Out of Financial Crisis

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The Daily Reckoning “Who goes borrowing, goes sorrowing.” – Ben Franklin Today’s reckoning is going to be short. We’re on the road again…this time to Ireland where our Family office is headquartered. The quote above comes from one of America’s founding fathers. But it was recalled to us neither by America’s president, nor America’s secretary [...]

Brand Disloyalty

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The Daily Reckoning The US dollar is a sort of monetary brand. And like any other brand, it can fall out of favor. Even iconic brands can rapidly lose their “must-have” caché. Sometimes, a brand can disappear entirely, as did Pan American Airways or “Members Only” jackets. But there is always something else waiting to [...]

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