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After five-year push, is it over for commodity position limits?

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GATA By Alexandra Alper, Jonathan Leff, and Karey Wutkowski Reuters Tuesday, October 2, 2012… Federal limits on commodity market speculation, the prospect of which has haunted Wall Street’s big banks, pension funds, and energy merchants for five years, may have died in the District of Columbia courts on Friday. Just two weeks before the [...]

Miners eye sea as land resources diminish

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The diminishing nature of some land-based mineral resources (the resource determines where you mine and whether you mine – not a nongovernmental organisation focus which is, in fact, a welcome interest) has increased the importance of marine mining and has reignited the interest of mining houses in this new frontier. Although Southern Africa has a [...]

Gold to Rise to $2,000 Amid ‘Massive’ Inflation, Superfund Says

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By Kim Kyoungwha Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) — Gold may rise to a record $2,000 an ounce in the next three years as investors hedge against “massive” inflation sparked by governments printing money, according to Superfund Financial Singapore Pte’s Aaron Smith. “In the next few years, after the deflation cycle, we’ll see massive inflation,” Managing Director [...]

SA has to explore options to promote mining – Finance Minister

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South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordon on Tuesday called on government departments for sectoral and financial coordination, saying that the country had to explore options for promoting the development of the mining industry. The mining sector displayed the first signs of recovery in the country’s economy, which is its first recession since 1992, with production [...]

Mining ‘wall of debt’ severely constraining global supply growth prospects

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The severe debt position faced by the world’s biggest mining companies will have an adverse impact on future supply growth and hence could lead to sharply higher commodity prices. Read more….

US Hyperinflation?

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The Daily Reckoning The finance ministers of the Eurozone met yesterday and they’ve tried to stem the euro’s (EUR) rise… But they’ll need more than words to get the job done! And so we begin a new day… Front and center this morning, the currencies – which had given background overnight to the dollar – [...]

Gold at $2,000 Becomes Inflation-Adjusted Bullseye for ‘80 High

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By Pham-Duy Nguyen Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) — Gold’s rally to a record means prices are still 53 percent below the 1980 inflation-adjusted peak. While gold rose 19 percent this year to $1,072 an ounce on Oct. 14, consumer prices almost tripled in the past three decades, eroding the metal’s value. Bullion hasn’t kept pace with [...]

Weekly Market Recap 10/16/09

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Gold hit another record high this week, as the yellow metal moved above $1,070.00 per ounce. “There’s lots of concern about the weakness of the dollar, and this had been driving gold,” said Peter Fertig, owner of Quantitative Commodity Research to the financial website “The fear that central bank exit strategies will come too [...]

Discount Gold Bullion

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Discount gold bullion may initially sound like a correction in terms to many inexperienced household investors, but the truth is that gold bullion is not unlike any other commodity. Since gold is such a costly item, many of us don’t realize that the more gold bullion that is purchased in a single transaction, the closer [...]

Capital Gold Group Report: DOLLAR DECLINE GAINING MOMENTUM: ‘Benign currency neglect’ could spell real danger for US economy – A Foreign News Perspective

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What’s happening to the dollar? That’s the question dominating the world’s financial markets. Last week the US currency fell, on a trade-weighted basis, to a fresh 14-month low. The dollar’s decline is now gaining momentum. By Liam Halligan Published: 7:22PM BST 10 Oct 2009 Many American economists say the greenback is falling because the global [...]

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