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Nick Barisheff: Allocated bullion storage — Do you really own the bullion?

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GATA 9:15p ET Thursday, July 19, 2012 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Bullion dealer Nick Barisheff today earns his tinfoil hat with commentary acknowledging that precious metals exchange-traded funds likely contain assets that have been borrowed and that could fall into dispute during episodes of extreme market stress — just when precious metals investors [...]

Gold, Silver, Metal Prices: Commentary – 10/30/2009

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GDP: Great Day to Play Good Day, Friday’s market sessions in precious metals started off on a tamer note, following the best gains in gold in three weeks. Explanations follow. The recapture of the $1045 area is noteworthy, although analysts we polled during the wee hours overseas are trying to define the move as everything [...]

Gold, Silver and US Stocks Rally

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Gold and other precious metals spiked Thursday, as did crude oil and US stocks following a report by the Commerce Department saying the economy expanded at a 3.5 percent annualized pace in the third quarter. Gold’s rise broke a losing streak that had extended to five days. The Dow and S&P enjoyed their best one-day [...]

Austrian Mint’s Vienna Philharmonic 20 Ounce Gold Coin celebrates a 20 Year Success Story

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Twenty years ago in 1989 the Austrian State Mint passed from the Treasury into the ownership of the central bank. The mint was given the freedom to produce and sell products in accordance with the demands of the modern numismatic and investment markets. One of the very first innovations introduced by the new CEO, Paul [...]

American Gold Bullion

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Even though multitudes of American investors have lost faith in Wall Street and our nation’s banking system, they can still show their patriotism by purchasing American gold bullion, as they convert their wealth into precious metal diversification. Traditional investments in stocks and bonds have had their overextended course of contrived prosperity, now it’s time to [...]

Indian gold imports soar between August and September

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New figures have revealed that Indian gold imports surged by 72 per cent between August and September as a result of higher demand ahead of the festival season. According to the Bombay Bullion Association, imports rose from 21.8 tonnes in August to 37.5 tonnes last month, the Economic Times reports.The news feeds on this site [...]

US Mint Silver Coins Cool, Bullion Eagles Near 23M

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US Mint sales numbers are often mixed when it comes to silver related collector products — demand for coins in one hand rise while those in the other decline, metaphorically speaking. October has been different. Silver coins have trended up or down as a group without the mixing.   (…)Read the rest of US Mint [...]

US Mint Sales: Bullion Robust, Collector Coins Retreat

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US Mint collector coins moved like molasses when compared to sales figures of two weeks ago. But bullion coins — especially gold — still had a little swagger in their step. October will be a robust month for American Eagles and American Buffalos. These and other highlights follow: UHR Double Eagles took a significant hit, [...]

Gold Continues Decline for Day Five, Stocks Tumble

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Gold ended slightly lower Wednesday, marking the fifth consecutive day the yellow metal has declined. Again cited as the catalyst for the loses was a rallying US dollar. Silver and platinum also fell, as did crude oil which plunged 2.6 percent. US stocks followed along, with the three major indexes tumbling between 1.2 percent and [...]

US Mint Bullion Gold Buffalo Coins Top 110K

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The United States Mint has sold 110,500 one-ounce American Buffalo $50 Gold Bullion Coins since they were released on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. To place that in perspective, in less than two weeks bullion dealers have purchased 64.2 percent of the total (172,000) that was sold in all of 2008. There appeared to a touch [...]

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