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Recovery doubts, asset bubbles and hopes for a slower recovery

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Why a more gradual recovery would be better for everyone but could be boring for commodities Read more….

Gold, Silver, Metal Prices: Commentary (10/23/2009)

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A Turkey for Turkey, The UK Lays an Economic Egg, and Russia Sells…Gold?! Good Day, Gold prices continued to remain ‘in the zone’ (the $1040-$1070 zone, that is) overnight, with little in the way of fresh market-impactful news making their way into the media stream. The US dollar remained at or very near the 1.50 [...]

Copper, gold, and Chinese pig farmers make Brent Cook nervous

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Commentary from geologist Brent Cook, editor of Exploration Insights newsletter, who is a little more than disturbed by reports of heavy speculation in metals in China, not by funds, but by the general populace. Is a commodities bubble being signalled? Read more….

The Golden Road Out of Financial Crisis

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The Daily Reckoning “Who goes borrowing, goes sorrowing.” – Ben Franklin Today’s reckoning is going to be short. We’re on the road again…this time to Ireland where our Family office is headquartered. The quote above comes from one of America’s founding fathers. But it was recalled to us neither by America’s president, nor America’s secretary [...]


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WHO WOKE THE DRAGON China is a sleeping dragon. Let it sleep. If it wakes, it will shake the world.Napoleon Bonaparte It has been said God doesn’t speak to mankind because mankind doesn’t listen. Be that asit may, it is certainly true that England didn’t listen to Napoleon’s warning regardingChina. Contrary to Napoleon’s advice, England [...]

Son of Bubble

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Bullion Vault The great leverage bubble is back and bubblier than ever… WHAT A GREAT recovery! writes Bill Bonner in The Daily Reckoning.No jobs…No credit…No sales…But look at those stocks!And oil! And gold! And even London property!Real estate agents in London say they are sold out…as prices go to records. Well, asking prices…that is. As for sales [...]

Gold, Silver, Metal Prices: Commentary (10/19/2009)

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A Bubble in Bubbles Not So Tiny Good Day, Gold prices started the new week off in Asia overnight by reversing Friday’s slim gains and re-testing the $1050 level as a strengthening US dollar was once again part of the background picture. More than 13.5 tonnes of gold flowed out of the combined balances of [...]

Boomers Have Their Backs Against the Wall

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The Daily Reckoning Two important items in the news today: First, Bloomberg reports that retails sales fell 2.1% in September – the biggest decrease this year. Know what that means? It means the “Age of Thrift” is here…and that consumers really are cutting back – just like we said they would. And it means that [...]

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

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Joseph L. Shaefer submits: The title of this article is of course borrowed from the brilliant book of the same name written in 1841 by Charles Mackay. The book deals with 3 “delusions”: "National Delusions", "Peculiar Follies", and "Philosophical Delusions". While dealing with The Crusades, alchemy, witch-hunts and other follies, the parts that interest us [...]

Gold, Silver, Metal Prices: Commentary (10/9/2009)

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Jawboning (and More) by Proxy Good Day, Gold prices dipped to under the $1050 level overnight, and for the better part of Friday’s NY session, as interest rate hike-oriented comments by Fed Chairman Bernanke lifted the US dollar and dampened enthusiasm in crude oil and other commodities as well (such as copper). On Wednesday, we [...]

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