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$3,000 Gold? Rosenberg Says That May Be Conservative

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Prieur du Plessis submits: Although gold bullion is both a commodity and currency, it has lately become the world’s currency of choice, i.e. a vote of no confidence in fiat paper. This is evident in the fact that the gold price has not only just made an all-time high in U.S. dollar terms ($1,249 on [...]

Hold That Gold!

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Eric Hommelberg submits: Since the bull gold market began in 2001, Gold Drivers Report publisher and Bullion Store proprietor Eric Hommelberg argues that gold has significantly outperformed the Dow in terms of valuations, and as he sees it, the bull run will last at least until the middle of the next decade. The rhythm of [...]

US gold bullion coins see leap in sales

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Sales of gold bullion coins struck by the US Mint jumped in the week to September 30th, according to new figures. Statistics from the mint show that 23,000 gold American Eagle coins were sold in the last week, bringing the total for September to 115,500 – the third best figure for the month since 1986, [...]

In Search of a One-Armed Economist

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The Daily Reckoning How are we doing? Our Trade of the Decade, that is? Yesterday, gold took a big dip down – minus $15. It closed under the $1,000 level. Now we’ll find out if the Chinese are supporting it at $1,000…or not. If so, it should soon bounce back. If not…well, who knows? But [...]

Shipwreck search underway to uncover 18th century gold coins

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Work has begun to search a site off the coast of Wales for a shipwreck believed to contain a hoard of 817,000 gold coins dating back to the 18th century. It is believed that the treasure was sent by Louis XV in 1746 as part of efforts to aid Charles Edward Stuart – otherwise known [...]

Gold coin hunters reach agreement with British government

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Deep-sea treasure hunter Odyssey Marine Exploration has reached an agreement with the British government that will see them work together to raise artefacts from a sunken vessel thought to hold around 100,000 gold coins, according to reports. The HMS Victory, the flagship of Admiral Sir John Balchem, went down with all hands during a storm [...]

Can $1,000 Gold Last?

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Frank Holmes submits: Gold has cracked the $1,000-an-ounce barrier for a second time. The first time, in March 2008, the price fell back to three digits within a couple of days. What about this time? No one knows the answer to that question, but there are some plausible reasons why the gold price could stay [...]

This time $1,000 gold looks like it may be for real

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The consolidation of the gold price around $1,000 suggests that this time the yellow metal may find a floor at or around this level. Time will tell. Read more….

$1,000 Gold

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By Howard S. Katz Dear Mr. Norris: You are wrong. Now you must listen to my song. The price of gold hit nine-nine-eight. To break $1,000 is its fate. (Note to readers: With gold ready to break above $1,000, we have an interesting opportunity to look into the minds of competing traders in the markets [...]

Should we care about $1,000 gold?

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Or has the “key psychological level” lost some of its impact Read more….

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