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Gold: Bull Market "Just Beginning"

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“I am absolutely convinced that we will not peak in 2009…”FORMER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of the first German newsletter to cover the Neuer Markt, Sascha Opel brings a distinctive outlook to gold and the precious metals market.

Also co-chief editor of Der Aktionaer – one of the biggest German stockmarket magazines – and advisor to an investment fund that achieved 700% returns in three years, Opel now runs Orsus Consult GmbH, publishing one of the most popular German newsletters on commodities and junior mining and exploration, Rohstoffraketen.

Here Sascha Opel speaks to the Gold Report about his outlook for Gold Investment in 2009 and beyond.

The Gold Report: Sascha, we last interviewed you in May 2008. At that time you felt that we were beginning a period of re-establishing gold as currency. Would you review your thinking on this viewpoint for our readers?

Sascha Opel: In our last interview, I said, “Long-lasting gold bull markets take place when gold’s role as money is being re-established. In my opinion, we are just beginning this period of re-establishment. Those calling for the end of the precious metals bull market any time soon are sadly mistaken.”

Today, although nine months have passed, we are still in the beginning of that period. Look at Gold Prices in all currencies around the world – not only in US dollars. Look at the Gold Price in Euros, Canadian Dollars, South African Rand, Australian Dollars, the British Pound, Norwegian Krone, Russian Rubles, Swiss Francs…Gold is now starting to establish new all-time highs in all those currencies. The masses will slowly realize that no paper currency is safe in the near future.

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