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Feb 7th- 3 more Samples of MRM Trading Timing System at ATP

February 8, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

By David Banister, Active Trading Partners

Here are three more recent samples of real time ATP trade positions using our revolutionary MRM timing system for entering and exiting positions.  Quite simply, it forces you to think 180 degrees differently than you ever have before, but just look at the results:

Developed by our Chief Strategist David Banister, and now being profiled on Wall Street Window, The Financial Survivor Network, and Your Trading Edge Magazine as this catches on…

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3 Responses to “Feb 7th- 3 more Samples of MRM Trading Timing System at ATP”
  1. David Fraser says:

    This is the best that David Banister can do in April 2012

    ZNGA- 1/2 position long 13.17-13.30 @ 3/29th. Now $8.29. A massive loss of 37.66%
    “Advice is to add another 1/2 tranche taking this to full position at 12.80”
    MEMS Full position $4.80… 3/26. Now $3.91. A loss of -18.54% .
    SYNC Full position $7.50 3/22nd . Now $6.40. A loss of -14.66%

    These are full positions. Dave has failed to protect his clients from such huge losses. He only ever buys 4-6 stocks, and see what damage the above have done. This is on top of his “core” 5 full positions plunging 35% this year alone (72.99% yoy). Dave is a chump big-time.AVOID

  2. David Fraser says:

    Let’s take a quick look at Dave Banister in action:
    “My #1 position as disclosed several weeks ago, now maybe you can see why”
    Dave wrote this June 22 about his biggest and best holding Southern Arc. At that time it trades at C$ 1.98.

    “Southern Arc, trades at 87 cents… tons of insider buying at 90-94 cents, with Sovereign wealth fund from QATAR taking a 9.9% stake at $1.70 this summer. 9 drill rigs going, 3 joint ventures on top of that… seems a good value up to $1.00”. Dave wrote this Nov 8.

    “Southern Arc is up 30% since I alerted last Friday I was buying 50-51 cents ranges. The interim objectives were 70-76 cents, and possibly 90 later. I realize this is a core position many of us are down on, but I felt at 51 cents it was time to add to my position and so I made sure to alert everyone on Tuesday last week that I would be buying within a few days. There did not seem to be much interest in the stock 3 days later, so I went ahead and picked up shares. We will see how it plays out, but I felt adding there was smart.” Dave wrote this Feb 2…

    So, this is his BEST stock pick. It started at a price of C$ 1.98. It fell. Then it fell some more. He did absolutely nothing to protect his partners. It then continued to fall. He bought even MORE. Then it fell yet again. It is now worth C$0.3. Over this period he has destroyed -81.48%. Year to date he has lost -49.78%
    This, by his own admission is the best he can do. He has absolutely no trading expertise to limit losses. He a financial time-bomb waiting to go off

  3. Peter Stobbe says:

    During the last 6 weeks of incredible market rally Dave Banister has consistently denied that prices would rise. He has been woefully underweight. On July 25th he told his partners to sell: “Still think this 1-2 day bounce then further downside in market resumes. We would continue to advise profit taking on rallies”.
    Every trade he’s made over this period has been hugely loss making. Let’s take a look at 1 of his 4 only positions during this market melt-up:
    MDGN he bought on August 8th for a price of $12.18. Since then he’s been buying non-stop, taking his exposure to well-over 20% of his total portfolio. He wrote Aug 13: “I was buying on Friday down to 11.04 per share to add to my position…”. A day later he wrote: “I picked up some shares at 10.61 and 10.68 to add to my position”. Then Aug 14th he again bought more shares: “Im nibbling today 10.65”.
    Today’s price is….. wait for it…. $9.35. So his first ½ position has lost a staggering: -23%. And he’s been buying non-stop everyday as this junk-play crashes…

    READ: http://davidfraserdavid.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/a-review-of-dave-banister-at-atp-and-a-warning-to-all-considering-let-others-manage-your-investment-decisions/

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