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Feb 11th- Recent ATP trades using MRM system with buys and sells

February 13, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

By David Banister, Active Trading Partners

The MRM timing system incorporates fundamental analysis of the specific company, and we combine it with the timing of entry and exit and give our subscribers real time alerts for buying and selling.  Using the MRM signals developed by David Banister helps to clearly identify entry and exit points.  This allows us to pull money out of the market on a consistent basis, and also tells us when it’s time to cut a position quickly or let it ride a bit further.  This includes the most important part of trading and investing, which is knowing when its time to cut a loser or to hold on or buy more on a dip.

Most traders make mistakes in letting a loser run down too far, or worse… selling in a panic on a pullback and then missing the big run that happens right afterwards.  Sound familiar?  When do you buy?  When do you sell?  When do you let a position ride further?  When should you cut a loss and move on?  When should you add to a position?

The MRM system helps to identify which stock should be held on a pullback or added to, and which one has changed its character and should be sold.

Recent samples of stocks that dipped hard but then reversed up for big profits, allowing us to ride and add or hold them…

INVN  KRO, UBNT, NZ.V, TPLM and many more. It’s very common for a stock to be volatile in the small to mid cap sector, but it’s important to avoid being shaken out on stop loss runs or other short term pullbacks in order to benefit from the common reversals to the upside.  This in effect is what MRM combined with our fundamental analysis allows us to  do.

Below are a few recent examples.  One is an Active Trade, which are 1-3 day hold for us often producing strong 7-15% moves.  The other is an intermediate trade or position we often hold for a few weeks or more depending on movement.

If you want long term success and you want your trading account to grow regularly like a staircase pattern, then you need to be able to answer the questions above and enter and exit like below:  (Join us at ATP now while we are open to new members and get a $150 discount off the first 90 days and we will throw in a free subscription to www.themarkettrendforecast.com )

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3 Responses to “Feb 11th- Recent ATP trades using MRM system with buys and sells”
  1. R Da Silva says:

    Well, the first 6 months of 2012 are nearly over so let’s take a look at the performance of Dave Banister from “ATP, TheTechnicalTraders.com | TheGoldAndOilGuy.com | ActiveTradingPartners.com | TheMarketTrendForecast.com | OptionsTradingSignals.com etc.” (they are all his online aliases).
    He trades between 2 to 4 half positions at any one time. He has held a “core” portfolio of his absolute best stocks for more than a year now without ever finding a way to sell. Below are the 6 FULL positions he has in this “core” best of breed portfolio for his partners (since Jan 2012):
    GFS cn -60.98%
    SA cn -59.97%
    BNG cn -28%
    EW cn -38%
    KLH cn -49.9% (Dave wrote Feb 22nd: “this is my #2 personal position”
    TIC cn -54.49%
    All these stocks are down more than 80% since he originally took FULL exposure last year.
    Remember, this is the guy that advertises he is up 160% year to-date !! – while betraying his fraudulent credentials by showing stocks that even in the advert don’t add up to anywhere near an average of 160% – ignoring all the many, many disastrous trades he’s forced his partners into over the period some of which are: CEN. QCOR, DANG, JCP, CROX, TVIX, TZA, BGZ, ERY, SSRI, CVV. TAO, ZNGA, RIMM… and he shorted the rally from December 29th 2011 by -300%…..

    Stay well clear of this chump

    Dave’s done it again. For some reason this momentum-chaser thinks he knows about biotech investing. 24hrs ago he threw his poor Partners into GALE – a stock that he was pump’in&dump’in across the internet through his many online disguises. Anyway, before he could get out, the stock crashed 15%. He had a huge position. Bad as this is, it’s nothing compared with his FULL Core trade in Stellar Biotech (KLH cn). He put his Partners in at 1.29C$ in Jan 2011. It now trades at 0.26. A loss of 80%. At no time over this period was he able to exit his Partners. Worse still, he kept on buying every few months. This guy will seriously harm your wealth..

  2. David F says:

    Let’s take another look at Dave Banister’s miraculous MRM system:

    On July 30th Dave wrote “AMRN- Amarin Pharmaceuticals 13.30 at time of alert, Buy up to $13.25

    Today, July 31st, 24hrs later, the stock trades at $11.23. A mega loss of -15.24%… He put 15% of his total portfolio into this trade…

    And this was on top of the disasterous DDMG trade that dropped from $7.05 to $4.3 i.e. -39% in 5 days – again 15% of his total portfolio…..

    Way to go chump… Gotta love your MRM, but maybe you’re holding it upside-down….

  3. David Fraser says:

    Let’s take a look at how an online fraudster works. Dave Banister advertises that he’s found the secret to alchemy with his MRM unique system. He claims he’s up more than 160% this year – even while his 6 biggest and best CORE positions are actually down -55% since Dec 31st 2011. This outrageous claim shows how desperate he is and that he knows no bounds in his pursuit to defraud.
    In the last few days he has bought AMRN at $13.25 and then MDGN at $12.18 yesterday.
    Bearing in mind MRM stands for “Momentum Reversal”, first let’s just take a closer look at his AMRN trade. If you can get hold of a graph of this stock it’ll be helpful to show what a load of BS Dave and his MRM are: Just a few short months ago this company traded at 7$. In Jan this year it was close to $6. Dave waited until it got to an all-time high, after jumping 120% this year before climbing on the bandwagon…. So much for his unique MRM system…. Dave bought basically at the top, and in a few days has already lost -15% in a strong up-market.
    MDGN is exactly the same thing. In the last few months the stock has surged 323%. Did Dave Banister and his MRM system buy BEFORE this huge move? No, of course not! He just looks for bandwagons, closes his eyes and opens his wallet to the inevitable disaster that his clients repeatedly suffer.
    Forget all his hype and lies, this guy, sitting at his dinner table because he has no offices or employer, just chases with the dumb masses. That’s why he has lost so much for so many in so short a time!

    Stay well clear of this chump.

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