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Coin Values Magazine Review

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Coin Values Magazine is one of my favorite coin collecting magazines to read.  I thought that I would write a Coin Values magazine review to highlight some of my favorite monthly columns in Coin World’s Coin Values Magazine and to highlight some other great reasons to subscribe to this coin collecting magazine.

Coin Worlds Coin Values

Coin Values Coin Price Guide

Coin Values Magazine revolves around its coin price guide.  The Coin Values Coin Price Guide has been published since 1960 under its original name of Coin World Trends of U.S. Coins.  Since 2003, Coin World Trends of U.S. Coins was renamed as Coin World’s Coin Values coin price guide.  The coin prices for this guide are gathered from actual coin purchases from public auctions, fixed price lists and other research done by the Coin Values researchers.  If you subscribe to Coin Values Magazine, you can access the www.coinvaluesonline.com database of coin prices that are updated weekly.  This is a great benefit for subscribing to Coin Values.

Favorite Coin Values Columns

While the Coin Values Price Guide is the primary feature of this coin collecting magazine, I really love some of the monthly columns in Coin World’s Coin Values. If I wanted to purchase just a coin price guide, I would just purchase the Coin Dealer’s Newsletter, otherwise referred to as the Greysheet.  But, the monthly coin articles in Coin Values, certainly are worth the low subscription price.

My favorite column is the First Grade column.  This column teaches you how to grade coins.  Each month Coin Values picks a type of coin and walks through in great depth how to grade the coin series.  My most recent Coin Values featured the Capped Bust Half Dollar.  Michael Fahey walks you through exactly how to grade these Capped Bust Half Dollars.  Beginning coin collectors and advanced coin collectors will each learn new things about grading coins from this column.

My second favorite column is the What’s Hot – What’s Not column.  This column provides awesome insights into the coin market.  The coin market is very volatile and each coin series goes in and out of favor with coin collectors all the time.  In the April 2009 column, Mark Ferguson analyzed Lincoln cents prices.  2009 is expected to bring a large number of coin collector attention to the Lincoln cents series.  This increased attention is expected to bring higher Lincoln cent prices.  The What’ Hot – What’s Not column helps you to keep up with these coin collecting trends.

My third favorite Coin Values column is the Sleepers column.  The Sleepers column highlights coins that are underperforming.  These underperforming coins could represent good values.  These coins are like the value stocks for value stock investors.  In the April 2009 Sleeper coins article, Coin Values highlights the Prood 2-cent coins.  These proof 2-cent coins are very reasonably priced for coins over 150 years old.  Most of these proof 2 cent coins can be pruchased for around $600 in PF-64.  Not too many proof coins from the 19th Century can be purchased at these prices.

Do you subscribe to Coin Values Magazine?  Do you buy it in stores off the shelf?  If so, please tell us why you like Coin World’s Coin Value magazine.  If you don’t subscribe, I highly encourage you to use the following link to subscribe – Coin Values Magazine.  In addition to helping out this site, you will be able to purchase Coin Values Magazine at a price of only $2.50 an issue.

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