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Coin Chat Radio May 28th Episode Summary

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Coin Chat Radio Web site"What’s In the News" with Bob Van Ryzin leads off the May 28th edition of Coin Chat Radio with news of the formal release ceremony of the John Tyler Presidential Coin at the Sherwood Forest Plantation once owned President Tyler.

Ryzin also reminds listeners that the Smithsonian is premiering a numismatics exhibition called "Stories on Money." Among other displays, it showcases samples of money from colonial times in America to the present.

Numismatic News editor Dave Harper interviews Diane Piret, Industry Affairs Director of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.


"ICTA was formed to represent anyone who has an interest in rare coins, currency and precious metals with government," Piret replied when asked what the Council was. "We had no voice, especially in Washington, before that, and laws were passed without input from us which were detrimental to our hobby and industry."


The ICTA has had a pivotal impact on Broker Reporting Regulations. According to Piret, the legislation was intended for commodity brokers, but the coin industry was sucked in as well, mainly due to large transactions like bullion sales.

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