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Pimco’s Bill Gross hints at silver market manipulation

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GATA 2:17p ET Friday, June 24, 2011 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): Business Insider today reports a remark apparently made by bond trader Bill Gross of Pimco suggesting realization that market intervention by or under the influence of government to suppress inflation indicators extends to silver:… CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust [...]

Paper silver market doesn’t care about physical market, Norcini tells King

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GATA 10:38p ET Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):’s Trader Dan Norcini, interviewed by King World News, tonight attributes silver’s dive to hedge fund maneuvering in the paper market that has nothing to do with the physical silver market. In fact, Norcini says, “The paper market does not [...]

Paper gold and silver markets are ‘nonsense,’ Hathaway tells King World News

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7:30p ET Monday, February 21, 2011 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): John Hathaway, manager of the Tocqueville Gold Fund, today tells King World News that the paper markets for gold and silver are “nonsense” and a short squeeze seems to be developing. You can find excerpts from the interview at the King [...]

GoldMoney’s James Turk interviews David Morgan on the new silver market

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7:30p ET Thursday, November 11, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): At the Edelmetallmesse precious metals conference in Munich last week, GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk interviewed’s David Morgan about the transformation of the silver market over the last year. The interview is about 18 minutes long and you [...]


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By Warren Bevan, Precious Metal Stock Review What a fantastic week for those in the camp who’ve known that all was not as it seemed in the Silver market.  I delve a bit more into it later, but there are a few widely quoted “personalities” who have so much egg on their face now that [...]

Gene Arensberg: Something changed in silver market last week

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9:45p ET Sunday, August 29, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): Gene Arensberg’s weekly “Got Gold Report” concentrates on silver tonight and he writes that something changed in the silver market last week, starting with silver’s “outside reversal” day on Tuesday, and it looks bullish. Arensberg’s commentary is headlined “Focus on Silver” [...]

1% of 1%

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By Jason Hommel, SilverSeek Please bear with me while I repeat myself about how tiny the silver market is. Let’s start with the facts. World annual silver mining adds about 600 million ounces of new silver, that includes all silver as byproduct supply from copper, gold, lead, zinc and other mines. Recycling contributes about 150 [...]

CFTC’s Chilton explains hope for freer, more transparent gold, silver markets

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11:38p ET Friday, July 24, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): The member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission who has been advocating imposing position limits on traders in the precious metals markets, Bart Chilton, has made a video explaining why he thinks the financial regulation law just enacted by Congress [...]

Silver market analyst Butler comments to KWN on last week’s smashdown

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10:30a ET Saturday, May 22, 2010 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver): Silver market analyst Ted Butler today tells King World News’ Eric King that while last week’s smashing of the silver market by large commercial traders could not have been more obviously manipulative, he doesn’t think J.P. Morgan Chase was behind it [...]

Interview with silver market analyst Ted Butler

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By Theodore Butler and Jim Cook, SilverSeek Here’s an interview with Jim Cook of Investment Rarities, Inc. on April 8, 2010. Years ago, Jimmy Stewart played the lead in a movie titled, Mr. Smith Goes toWashington.  In this case, it was Mr. Butler goes to Washington.  Who did you meet with? A: I met with the senior staff [...]

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