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Passport Capital’s Rationale for Owning Physical Gold vs. Proxies

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Market Folly submits: At the end of 2009, John Burbank’s hedge fund Passport Capital took possession of its physical gold investment. It is kept in custody in Zurich with UBS and represents a 1% allocation in Passport Global. What’s interesting here is that Passport also notes that it intends to increase its exposure via physical [...]

Greenlight’s Einhorn Predicted Lehman Brothers’ Fall; Buying Gold

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By Jennifer Ablan and Joseph A. Giannone Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:17pm EDT NEW YORK, Oct 19 (Reuters) – David Einhorn, the hedge fund manager who had warned on Lehman Brothers’ precarious finances, on Monday said he is buying gold and betting that interest rates will rise as he lambasted the U.S. government’s financial chiefs [...]

US Hyperinflation?

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The Daily Reckoning The finance ministers of the Eurozone met yesterday and they’ve tried to stem the euro’s (EUR) rise… But they’ll need more than words to get the job done! And so we begin a new day… Front and center this morning, the currencies – which had given background overnight to the dollar – [...]

Notes from Mumbai

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The Daily Reckoning Funny story. Before Chris and I arrived in Mumbai, we’d been invited to join a reader for dinner one evening. We did so on Tuesday. Today, we met the same guy, a former treasurer for the Indian stock exchange, it turns out, for lunch. He took us around to his office… a [...]

Harrods begins selling physical gold

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London store Harrods has started to sell gold coins and bullion to customers over the counter. Unveiled today (October 15th), the new service lets investors purchase a range of 999.9 fine gold items, including a gold bar weighing 12.5kg, at market-linked prices.The news feeds on this site are independently provided by Adfero Limited © and [...]

Gold Bullion Weight

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Investors can benefit from working knowledge of gold bullion weight, by comparing the price of a prospective bullion bar or coin investment to the current gold spot price. The spot price is the cost of one Troy ounce of pure gold, and that price fluctuates throughout each day, according to global demand for the yellow [...]

Gold Bullion Investing

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In this day of political correctness, I’m not so sure that what I’ve been seeing and reading about economic recovery is news, or dare I say propaganda. It’s certainly understandable to try and quell fear and maintain order, otherwise panic ensues, and order is lost. Investors who have learned to read between the lines, are [...]

Scotiabank sells physical gold for delivery online

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Scotiabank has become the first bank in Canada to sell precious metals online to the public, with its ScotiaMocatta eStore, where gold and silver coins and bars are available for purchase. ScotiaMocatta is the group’s precious metals trading arm. Read more….

Gold Bullion Investment

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Ownership of hard assets like a physical gold bullion investment can benefits investors with potential short-term gains, as well as long-term financial stability. Investors also gain greater financial independence, as they control the decisions on whether to buy more gold, sell their gold, or diversify their gold bullion investment according to their specific, individual financial [...]

Physical gold demand on the rise

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Demand for physical forms of gold is on the rise in spite of the current high prices associated with the precious metal. This is according to Indian jewellers and dealers speaking to the Economic Times, who said they had noticed a spike in demand for gold coins and bars in recent times.The news feeds on [...]

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