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Dollar Wobbles on Chinese Currency Diversification Concerns

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Mark O’Byrne submits: Gold Gold closed trading at $1,039.80/oz In euro and GBP terms gold is trading at €699/oz and £635/oz. Support for Gold is currently seen at $1,030/oz and resistance at $1,053/oz. Gold fell yesterday as oil prices and equities came under pressure and the dollar rose. The dollar has fallen marginally today after [...]

Gold Reserve still hanging on to Brisas property

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Spokane, Washington-based Gold Reserve Inc has turned away individuals “apparently” from the Venezuelan State miner CVG-Minerven, from the company’s Brisas property. These individuals arrived at the Brisas camp on Thursday, and claimed that they were there to assume control of the concession, the Amex- and TSX-listed company said in a statement. Read more….

Gold May Have More Price Support now Than at any Time Since 1989

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The Daily Reckoning The central banks of the world are changing tune. Since 1989, the banks have been net sellers of gold reserves, meaning that as a group they have sold more than they have taken in. This is an important point because the large gold sales of central banks tend toward lowering the spot [...]

The World’s Biggest Gold Reserves

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With the price of gold reaching an all-time high of over $1,050 per ounce, resourceINTELLIGENCE TV have taken the (not very novel) approach of looking at countries with the largest gold reserves As of June 2009, world gold holdings are are believed to be approximately 29,634 tonnes. But the numbers vary greatly as a percentage [...]

Russian Forex and Gold reserves hit multi-month highs

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Official data shows the reserves rose by $7.2bn in the week to October 7th. Read more….

Juicy Details on the US Gold Reserves

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The Daily Reckoning With the spot price of gold hovering around another all-time record high today, at $1,068 an ounce, one starts to wonder if the US gold reserves could in fact help provide for the nation as its financial reckoning day gets underway. It’s doubtful but, without knowing exactly where gold is headed, it’s impossible [...]

Gold Well Supported in Mid to High $900/oz Region

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Mark O’Byrne submits: Gold Gold is currently trading at $1,001.80/oz and has bounced from a low of $991/oz and continues to follow currency movements. This week is the first week of the new Central Banks’ Gold Agreement, which caps gold sales from official reserves. The third CBGA pact, which will run until September 2014, will [...]

New gold reserve discovery remains well below the industry’s ongoing needs

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In a recently released study, Canada’s Metals Economics group shows that the major gold miners are not replacing resources through new exploration, but rather through acquisition, expansion and upgrading of existing or already known operations. Read more….

Gold Reserve evokes intl. treaties, may pursue arbitration in Brisas dispute

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Spokane’s Gold Reserve has filed formal notification with the Venezuelan Government in the dispute over the Las Brisas copper-gold deposit. Read more….

Ecuador’s Peculiar Gold Reserve Jump

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Felix Salmon submits: Matthew Turner points me to this rather interesting datapoint from the IMF’s International Financial Statistics for Ecuador. The country’s had 845,000 ounces of gold for as far back as the statistics go — until January 2009, when they jumped to 1.76 million ounces, and then February 2009, when they rose further to [...]

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