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Nielson: Paper, physical are decoupling; Arensberg: COT is bass-ackwards

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9:40p ET Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada speculates tonight on the decoupling of the paper and physical gold markets.

Nielson writes: “Clearly, we currently have a bull market for physical gold (and silver). So when Bloomberg and all the rest of the corporate media yammer on about ‘a bear market in gold,’ what gold market are they talking about? That’s right: their own paper market, empirically proven by the recent collapse in demand for paper gold.”

Nielson’s commentary is headlined “Decoupling in Precious Metals Markets” and it’s posted at the Bullion Bulls Canada Internet site here:


Meanwhile, Gene Arensberg says at the Got Gold Report that “as gold was recovering about $45 in price Tuesday to Tuesday, we saw the natural hedgers (and the bullion banks many of them trade through) and swap dealers furiously covering their net hedges, while the speculators, large and small, were actually selling into the gold recovery rally. … In Texas we call that kind of action ‘bass-ackwards.’”

Arensberg’s commentary on the commitment of futures traders, in video format, is posted at the Got Gold Report’s Internet site here:


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