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Rio Tinto may consider selling individual diamond mines

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The mining group says it may consider selling individual mines of its $2.2 billion diamond business should they fetch higher shareholder value.

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Gold price crash unleashed frenzy of physical demand

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US gold stocks have fallen almost 30% since February as dealers have switched to selling into the burgeoning Asian market, where prices and demand are higher.

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MMG zinc output falls 26% as big Century mine nears end

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The Century mine yielded 105,279 tonnes of zinc in the first quarter, down 31% from the previous quarter and 21% on a year ago.

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U.S. gold market influence on the wane

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As COMEX gold inventories fall and the SPDR Gold Trust holdings continue to fall, albeit slowly, the selling is passing the centre of gravity of the gold market from the U.S. to Asia

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Amplats to reveal restructuring plans next week

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The platinum miner will reveal next week the outcome of talks with South Africa’s government and unions about its restructuring plans.

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Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets

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By Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada

As massive supply-deficits and vanishing inventories lead to greater and greater stress in our totally corrupted precious metals markets; these dynamics push us toward one of two potential ‘implosion’ events. One of these gruesome endings is obvious: a formal default in the gigantic “futures” markets for precious metals which now completely dominate the real, legitimate markets.

The other path toward implosion is less-direct, less-obvious, and thus much less discussed. However, for forthcoming reasons it is also (by far) the most likely manner in which the phony/fraudulent “paper” markets for gold and silver will be discredited, and (more or less) exposed for what they really are. This Second Path is a “decoupling” between the paper prices for gold and silver and the real price for gold and silver in legitimate, “physical” markets.

Why is this more likely? A better way to answer to that question is to itemize the list of reasons why the Establishment in general (and the Bullion Banks) in particular would want to avoid a formal default in their cherished, paper markets – at any/all costs.

These reasons all ultimately trace back to a single theme: a formal default would expose all of the corruption and crime in these markets, and (equally important) legitimize/validate the growing Voice which has been clamoring about the blatant corruption and manipulation in the paper bullion markets. With this “clamor” having now begun to spread to the mainstream media itself; the threat to the Bullion Banks who manipulate these markets has never been greater.

What does a formal default in these markets imply?

To begin with, it would expose a massive campaign of lies. How many (mainstream) articles have been written claiming that precious metals markets are amply supplied with physical inventories – if not over-supplied? How many mainstream articles have been written alleging that gold and/or silver are “overvalued”? How many more descend all the way to the hyperbolic absurdity that these (grossly under-owned) assets are “in a bubble”?

Asserting the precise opposite of reality, countless thousands of times is not “innocent mistake”; it is malicious propaganda. And it is conduct for which the banksters themselves are on the record to confessing.

In The Great Gold Debate” which occurred in 2010; former Goldman Sachs banker and present head of the CPM Group Jeffrey Christian publicly confessed that the spreading of malicious propaganda was a regular tactic of these Bullion Banks – going as far back as the 1990’s.

The particular example cited by Christian was the disastrous sale by the Bank of England of roughly half of its gold reserves at under $300/oz. Legions of critics accused the BoE of undermining its own gold-sale by announcing in advance its intention to dump all this gold onto the global market – in “one gulp.”

Christian defended the Bank of England. He pointed out that the Bullion Banks at that time were regularly (and maliciously) spreading rumors that various governments were “about to dump gold” onto the market – in order to manipulate bullion prices lower. Christian asserted that this “forced” the BoE to announce its sale in advance, in order to thwart more of this rumor-mongering by the banksters.

Naturally, a formal default in any bullion market would expose the fraud/corruption of the current generation of banksters – as well as the pseudo-regulators who have facilitated this corruption. A formal default indicates a market which has literally “blown up”; much like the same cabal of banksters blew-up the global financial system in 2008 (via more, massive fraud/corruption).

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MTG: Catalogue 2012 – 2013

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At MTG we are specialists, creating innovations in teeth, adapters, shrouds and locking devices for earthmoving machinery. That sentence, which seems so simple, perfectly explains what we have been doing for more than fifty years now and describes ou…

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MTG Announces the Launch of a New Range of Products for Mining and Construction

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During Bauma Munich 2013, MTG will be displaying its optimised solution for electric cable shovels.

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By Toby Connor, Gold Scents
I’ve been pointing out for several months now that the recent rally in the dollar was a mirage, an illusion generated by the yen, euro, pound, and Canadian dollar all dropping into yearly, or intermediate cycle lows together. This selling pressure in the four major currencies that make up the dollar index spawned what looked like a strong dollar. 

With Bernanke printing 85 billion of them a month, there is no such thing as a “strong dollar”. I’ve been saying for months that once these four currencies completed their bottoming cluster it would be the dollar’s turn to crash. The recent collapse in the yen was 23%. The Pound 9%. I think the dollar will be somewhere in between with a loss of 9-12% as it drops down into its yearly cycle low. 

As this process starts to accelerate over the next couple of months the dollar bulls are going to get a rude awakening, as our currency shows its true colors. The acceleration began today as the dollar has now completed a lower low and a lower high.

Once major support is breached at 78.50 there will be nothing to stop, what I think will be a waterfall decline, until the dollar reaches the 73-75 zone. 

And don’t forget this is just the beginning. The much larger degree, 3 year cycle low, isn’t due until late next year. 

It’s time for the unintended consequences of QE infinity to come home to roost.

This should drive either another C-wave in gold. Or as I’m now starting to believe, gold may be in the initial stage of the bubble phase of the bull market. 2015 will be 15 years. That’s about a normal during for a secular bull run.

Let’s face it, commonsense would tell most people that you can’t just print 85 billion dollars a month and not have something bad happen. The last time the Fed embarked on this kind of insane policy it was during the real estate bubble implosion. Instead of rescuing the housing market the Fed drove oil to $150 a barrel and spiked food prices around the world, triggering riots and wars in many third world countries.

I expect the same game plan this time is going to reap the same results.

We have all the ingredients in place. Gold has probably completed its yearly cycle low. The COT is showing a max bullish position by commercial traders. Before every bubble phase there is always a devastating correction that convinces everyone that the bull is over. I would say that describes pretty much what has happened over the last 6 months.

And to top it all off the recent manipulation to run the stops below $1523 has triggered massive shortages in the physical market, especially in silver. 

Now add to that a collapsing dollar over the next year and a half and everything is in place for gold to generate at the very least another C-wave advance and in my opinion we probably have the conditions necessary for the bubble phase to begin. 

Toby Connor


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Managing Your Load Zones: Increasing Belt Conveyor Productivity

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Load zones manage the transfer of materials from one belt to another, but the role that these load points can play in the productivity of an operation is often overlooked.

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