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2010 Kennedy Half Dollar Rolls and Bags Released

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2010 Kennedy Half DollarThe United States Mint today at noon ET began offering bags and rolls of 2010 Kennedy Half Dollars.

Kennedy 50c pieces are unique in that the US Mint no longer produces them for use in every day change, but instead for collectors in circulation strike condition.

Demand, therefore, is dictated by the quantities of bags and rolls sold directly by the Mint to interested buyers, and not by orders placed from American banks.

In 2008, the Mint struck 1.7 million 2008-D and 1.7 million 2008-P Kennedy Half Dollars. It had to increase production in 2009 as demand rose, helped in part by the focus on the Kennedy family following the passing of Ted Kennedy on August 26, 2009. The mintage levels increased to 1.9 million at each Mint facility.

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